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Solutions for portals and teamwork

Does your company also possess vast amounts of unstructured information, in the form of disorganised documents, e-mails, videos, instant messages, websites and the like?

Would you like to make better use of this information within your company in order to improve communication with your customers and the efficiency of your processes? Then it is time to switch to Microsoft Sharepoint, which can be used as a portal solution or an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution.

Efficient teamwork
Whenever people work together, information and documents are exchanged. Microsoft SharePoint enables you to do this more efficiently. Furthermore, documents, appointments, contact details or other information that is made available centrally, can be accessed by all participants at any time from any place via a web browser.

An intelligent authorisation system provides maximum security. We will show how you can use SharePoint to improve your day-to-day business even more.


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Information and documents are deposited centrally and according to individually specified structures. Approval workflows and automatic versioning ensure order and accurate content.

Up to date
All changes occur in real time and are immediately available to all authorised users.

As a user, you can be informed immediately, daily or weekly by e-mail about any relevant changes.

Always prepared
You can safely access all information in the Sharepoint repository via Internet Explorer, whenever and from wherever you want.

Finding information that is stored in SharePoint is as easy as using a search engine.

You have direct access to all lists in the corresponding Office applications. All lists can be processed in Excel and Access; address lists are available as contact lists in Outlook, and document libraries (document lists) can be used as a location for opening and saving files from all Office applications.

Up-to-date Microsoft standard technologies enable the simple installation and administration of Sharepoint and Sharepoint applications.