Whether it is a new building or a refurbishment project, energy optimisation or a major international project: As one of the five largest engineering offices in Germany for building services engineering, we offer you planning competence that sets standards – for all trades of the cost group 400.

Master PlanningGreen-Building-DesignSystem EngineeringSystem Engineering and PrototypingBuilding DigitisationTGA 360°Quality AssuranceCommisioning & SimulationTechnical Due Diligence (TDD)BIM & Digital planning

An art acquired through skill.

The art of engineering is an art derived from actual skill. At M&P, we have this level of skill. We elaborate forward-looking concepts and solutions as well as an optimum system design, boasting maximum convenience, functionality and efficiency. Our life cycle engineering unit incorporates all disciplines into a uniform process: from project development to commissioning as well as the implementation of costs, schedules, the achievement of performance targets and recycling into a uniform process.


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Master Planning

Minimising risks, raising added value.

There is no path without a goal. And no direction without seeing the big picture. To be able to conclude a building project on time and to the agreed standard and pre-defined budget, you first need a comprehensive overview in order to be able to develop a practice-based, holistic concept for the efficient implementation of conversion and refurbishment measures right up to the turnkey handover: the masterplan.

Within the scope of a feasibility study, we identify the key realisation aspects of a building measure: its cost-effective and technical feasibility, the availability of the necessary resources, the timeline and the legal foundations. To minimise or even completely eliminate risks, the M&P feasibility study contains a simulation and pilot test as well as specialist analysis and follow-up consultation if required. 


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Energy management as a competitive edge.

Using change to progress – that is one of M&P’s maxims. The energy transition places companies with major challenges. Our goal is to identify and tap into potential by providing competent and methodological consulting. At the same time, elevated requirements provide opportunities for sustainable optimisation, which ultimately leads to a positive outcome and can even secure a competitive edge. To achieve this, we combine innovative strength, technical competence and many years of specialist service expertise in energy consultation and contracting into green building design. Energy demands can be significantly minimised through increased functionality. To this end, M&P comes up with concepts, develops strategies for the energetic evaluation and certification of buildings and carries out feasibility studies for building refurbishment, including modern simulation techniques and advanced energy monitoring.

System Engineering

Identifying and implementing subsystems.

Quality for quantity: As a general rule, as the scope of the building project increases, so do the planning requirements and, by extension, the requirements for interaction between all integrated systems. We are prepared for this: We manage large and the largest projects with comprehensive M&P systems engineering, in which the whole system is broken down into subsystems that are easier to control. Parallel to this, we continuously compare implementation across all levels and the synchronisation of subsystems with the predetermined target. This way, M&P systems engineering integrates all project parameters – operation, costs, scheduling, performance, advanced training and support, test, production and recycling – into a uniform structured overview and the basis for consistently robust statements about quality and scheduling.

3D-Rendering MIN-Forum Universität Hamburg

MIN-Forum University Hamburg

M&P goes to university – and boasts a remarkable performance. On behalf of Gebäudemanagement Hamburg GmbH (GMH) M&P will be taking over the planning of technical building facilities for the project “MIN-Forum und Informatikum” from Stage 3 onwards.

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Specialist Engineering and Prototyping

Specialising thinking, realising innovation.

Nothing is off the peg. With M&P, engineering is always made-to-measure. The implementation of progressive ideas, in particular, is dependent on superior specialist expertise. We have long since made a name for ourselves with comprehensive special planning in the most diverse areas of construction work. Our references speak for themselves: the planning of the Indian polar station NCAOR and the polar research station Neumayer III from the Alfred Wegener Institute at the South Pole, the Barclaycard Arena, accommodating 16,000 people, a multi-functional arena for sports and cultural events in Hamburg, the “Theater am Hafen” (Theatre on the Harbour) in Hamburg, the venue of the world’s most successful musical “Lion King”, the refurbishment of the Congress Centre Hamburg, sewage plants and sports centres, as well as hospitals. The absolute highlight in our list of references: the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, where we took over the planning supervision of the entire building services engineering, the coordination of the specialist planning in two building phases and quality assurance.

TGA 360°

TGA 360°

M&P and Ingenieurbüro Hornig: two partners, one team – your general planners for technical building facilities

TGA 360° GmbH was founded in 2018 as a joint venture between the M&P Group and the engineering company Hornig. By bundling the professional expertise of both partners under the one roof of TGA 360° the new company now has the competence of a general planner for technical building facilities.

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Quality Assurance

Secure quality, optimise results.

Trust is good, control is better. The best thing is to have an intelligent management system that incorporates all aspects of control, along with analysis and optimisation. For this, this need to have a profound technical understanding and knowledge of all project-related aspects. Solving potential problems always requires a holistic appraisal and integrative strength. Highly motivated and qualified staff are, therefore, essential. By using the most cutting-edge tools, outstanding specialist expertise and intelligent methods, we help our clients to avoid long-term planning errors, to recognise any deviations and to secure the investment framework. For us, quality is not relative but a very concrete result of cost-benefit analyses, current status-target comparisons and the creation of efficiency and transparency.

BHW Hameln

BHW Hameln

M&P is overhauling the cooling system in the BHW Hameln. In addition to reducing energy and operating costs, our experts will – right from the start – be making a significant contribution to protecting the environment and reducing climate change.

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Comissioning & Simulation

Planning ahead, acting proactively.

Modern buildings are high-tech. Consequently, the requirements for the commissioning of buildings have risen substantially. Maximum benefits through the use of building services engineering (TGA) can only be secured through professional commissioning management (IBM). This all starts long before a building is completed. It is the only way to guarantee - by means of quality assurance measures – that there are no defects at handover and the efficiency of the systems is improved and enhanced in the long term. Particularly with regard to energy building technologies, commissioning according to LEED and also the US standard is critical as an overarching quality management process. Through the simulation and analysis of critical conditions – for instance with climate and building data and various user profiles – the energy concept can already be optimised in the planning phase and any subsequent damage avoided in the long run.

Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

Reliable, independent and competent.

Precise instead of approximate: The result of each due diligence done by M&P is objectivity – a reliable, independent and competent evaluation of the property. With this and a comprehensive strengths-weaknesses profile, we support both the buyer and the seller of a property. Our experts have many years of experience and wide-ranging expertise with regard to all trades, infrastructure components and types of plant in buildings and properties of all kinds and sizes.

Detailed structural analyses of the respective buildings are carried out with regard to building technology, construction, the environment and law. This generates insights into the cost of the maintenance measures, the scope of the maintenance and refurbishment work needed, the identification of technical faults and hidden risks, and estimates regarding the potential for modernisation.

BIM & Digital planning

Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Simplifying complex systems.

A building is only static in the conventional sense. However, in terms of its creation and life cycle, a building is a dynamic process, which starts with planning. Hence, all information about the building should ideally be constantly available during this cycle and the current status retrievable. Using the planning method “Building Information Modelling” (BIM), we create and manage all physical and functional characteristics of a digitalised model of the building, thus making it ‘accessible’ and intuitively discernible. The information on every trade is stored ‘on site’. From the initial preliminary planning of the building to its ultimate dismantling, the building model serves clients, planners, workmen and construction companies as a database and, later, for the adaptation to new guidelines or the optimisation of team structures and work processes.