Because the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

First-class consultation is always a team effort. Complex infrastructures and modern real estate and facility management require complex solutions, for which we draw together ideas and know-how from the areas of management, consulting, engineering, energy and IT solutions. Any necessary changes are fully explained and communicated, and then implemented with a high degree of expertise. At the same time, we endeavour to finance the investments in the future from savings made in the here and now.

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Business Models

Systematic development of real estate und facility management.

Active development instead of a passive reaction: ambitious goals, professional planning, resolute action and systematic controlling place high demands on the organisational skills and competences of the actors.

We analyse the potential and lay down the individual steps for a consistent orientation towards internal customers and markets. The effort pays off: the result is significantly improved cost-effectiveness, a much more motivated workforce and more acceptance of the real estate and facility management by corporate management.


Reference project


Organisational Consulting

The key to success: strategically aligning real estate and facility management.

The biggest risk for a company in the real estate and facility management business is not wasting of surface space, but the wrong strategic alignment. Your company’s values should therefore consistently be aligned to your corporate strategy. Only then can decisions regarding regional presence, make or buy, the degree of process automation and control models be coherently executed. Clear processes with effective IT support, along with the honing the skills of both employees and managers are the guiding principles behind our work.


Investing into the future with fast project successes.

With our STP method, we generate fast economic successes, thereby ensuring your strategic further development at low risk. Our analyses cover qualitative and quantitative potential as well as operator risks in facility management organisations and processes. The insights gained lead to prioritised action and implementation plans, tailored to your financing capability, the implementation options and your strategic goals. We use the saving effects generated in the current budget to secure medium- and long-term strategic goals.

Operating Concepts

Concepts for cost-effective and functional real estate operations.

The operating concept as a development process: In order to define the required performance for the cost-benefit and use-optimised operation of real estate, we analyse the processes, responsibilities, dates and systems used. To this end, we look at the main determining factors, evaluate the various options and prepare everything, ready for a decision by the owner, user and/or operator. In the final analysis, we propose solutions and offer suggestions for optimising cost-effective building operation that are both easy to implement and understand.

Project Management

Efficient support from the project idea to its implementation.

We ensure the success of your project through professional and flexible consulting: We turn ideas into concrete concepts and assume managerial tasks for the owners. We optimise scheduling and minimise costs, while adhering to the quality requirements.

We raise the level of efficiency in the projects and take the burden off our clients in a lasting manner. Project portfolios are measured against quantifiable KPIs, compared with benchmarks and optimised. Project conclusion: successful commissioning.