This is what METRION offers you in concrete terms:

  • Laser scanning, mobile mapping, tachymetry, GPS surveying and drone flights
  • 3D modelling architecture and BSE
  • Building analyses for planning optimisation
    • Wind analysis (CFD-based)
    • Daylight analysis
    • Sunshine hours analysis
    • Solar panel analysis
    • Noise analysis
    • Microclimatic analysis
  • Intelligent construction supervision and documentation
    • Construction vs BIM comparison
    • 360-degree mapping
  • Digitisation/BIM consulting

The extensive expertise that bgis Kreative Ingenieure has acquired over numerous projects is now being incorporated into METRION – where it is combined with M&P’s unique consulting approach.

M&P and bgis Kreative Ingenieure:

Two partners, one team – your experts for digital building mapping and digitisation!


Using synergy to create added value

METRION was founded in 2023 as a joint venture between the M&P Group and bgis Kreative Ingenieure. A pioneer in digital inventory and building mapping, the creation of planning documents, modelling and building analysis has been created through the pooling of the expertise of the two partners. The combination of existing solution expertise and project experience offers a great deal of added value for our customers, with a wide range of analyses for BIM-compliant planning, renovation and building optimisation via 3D scanning and modelling made possible through the expansion of the service portfolio. In addition, the use of digital (AI) applications on construction sites is being extended in the context of the partnership, and passed on to our customers.


M&P and bgis Kreative Ingenieure:
Working together for successful projects


bgis Kreative Ingenieure

bgis Kreative Ingenieure GmbH, founded and managed by Thomas Knepper, an experienced surveyor with over 25 years of professional experience, specialises in innovative and unique projects in the field of digital mapping and visualisation of buildings and other objects. The diverse team, consisting of surveyors, architects, 3D specialists and other experts, is dedicated to the implementation of individual customer projects.




The M&P Group is one of the largest engineering companies in the DACH region. The company’s pioneering consultative approach brings together highly qualified experts in the fields of consulting, engineering, energy and IT solutions.


One joint venture – many benefits

  • Pooling of 3D building mapping and BSE expertise. Unique in Germany!
  • Introduction of and proficiency in the latest (AI) applications for quality control on construction sites
  • Seamless provision of services from building surveying to (BSE) planning and construction supervision
  • The use of synergies generates new, unconventional approaches


Contact person

Miguel Ebbers
Tel. +49 151 72700753