“With us, you take centre-stage!”

We want to continue to rank among the best, most innovative and most high-performance companies in our sectors. To this end, we engage in a well-functioning management, healthy corporate growth, sound planning and solid future investments.

Already very early on, as a medium-sized enterprise, we successfully established professional and modern HR management that was tailored to our organisational needs. We continue to give the highest priority to driving forward the further development of our processes in the area of HR development. This is because we have grasped that well-functioning HR processes are a decisive success factor for our organisation. HR recruitment, staff loyalty, staff leadership in other organisational forms and with a focus on other values in the up-and-coming generations, and knowledge management are of great strategic relevance and will take on even more importance over the next few years.

We pursue a resource-based HR management approach and, for us, this means finding and offering methods that optimally acknowledge, employ and develop our staff and managers as the most important resources. In order to make the necessary preparations and alignments in good time, senior management brings the HR division on board early in strategic developments and decision.