A future-ready model for urban coexistence

M&P: state of the art in digital building automation.

The scope of services of M&P

  • Digital planning of the new Überseequartier with the help of BIM.
  • High level of self-sufficiency and information security thanks to 200 building IoT stations – ILC2050 BI control from project partner Phoenix Contact Deutschland.
  • Open system architecture for greater flexibility and efficiency through the use of communicative (bus) technologies.

Cosmopolitan, open and urban: the new Überseequartier in Hamburg will be a very special location. Designed as an integrated district of Hamburg’s HafenCity, it combines space for living and working with many cultural and leisure activities as well as innovative shopping and entertainment concepts. A future-ready model for urban coexistence. And that includes the development phase: M&P is making full use of digitisation in the planning – and has already provided all project stakeholders with fascinating insights into Building Automation 4.0.


Partnership for the digitisation of an entire district

Überseequartier in Hamburg is a new residential and business district that is all about digitisation.

The core area of Überseequartier will have over 200 shops, spread over an area of 80,500 m² on three levels. In addition, there is 48,000 m² of office space that will accommodate around 4,800 people, as well as 579 apartments and 3 hotels with a total of 830 rooms to provide space to live and enjoy your time there.

One highlight of Überseequartier is the planned cruise terminal, which will welcome guests from cruise ships and help them to have a comfortable stay in Hamburg. A large cultural, entertainment and culinary area offers visitors a wide variety of leisure activities with 10 cinema screens and 50 catering units on an area of 21,000 m².

Überseequartier Hamburg has received BREEAM certification and thus meets the highest standards of sustainability and environmental friendliness. With 2,500 parking spaces and a total area of 419,000 m², Überseequartier is a lively and attractive place to live, work and spend time.


Modell eines Gebäudes

Image: © Christian Kneise


Innenansicht Einkaufsmeile

Image and stage motif: © Moka-studio


Virtual expertise for Hamburg’s showcase project

The planning of the project is being carried out by Phoenix Contact Deutschland and M&P using the BIM (building information modelling) method, which allows for efficient and precise monitoring of the construction work. The use of digital tools also helps to reduce potential errors and delays.

The virtual expertise will continue even after the successful completion of the project thanks to digital commissioning, during which all the systems and devices are carefully checked and activated.


Ansicht im Open-Space-Tool

View in the open-space tool with the current construction status and the target status according to the plans (model)


Information security: self-sufficient digital building automation

Self-sufficient and secured networks for building automation control the digital operation of Überseequartier and guarantee the best possible information security.

200 stations of Phoenix Contact’s Building IoT ILC2050 BI control are used in this context. The visualisation takes place on the Emalytics system from Phoenix Contact.

The high requirements of the smoke removal scenarios developed by simulations are implemented by a classified control system. This system can be easily and flexibly adapted to subsequent shop requirements.

The smoke control system is designed in SIL2 and represented by means of a switching matrix that includes a total of 65 major automation points, 62 HVAC systems, 197 fans, 270 smoke extraction dampers, 177 duct-based smoke detectors and 1,100 louvre dampers. The areas and their associated components have been divided into 350 smoke removal scenarios.


Mitarbeiter mit 360°-Kamera

An employee with a 360° camera and lights to record the current status


The use of communicative field devices increases the availability of information, while at the same time significantly reducing the amount of cabling required.

Digital technologies also make increased prefabrication possible. Furthermore, HVAC systems can be supplied ready to be plugged in, which reduces installation work, simplifying and accelerating commissioning.

Standardised addressing of systems and field devices and digital transmission of information further simplify commissioning. The system integration of many systems ensures safer and more efficient use of the Überseequartier district.

The system, which was planned and built in partnership, is largely based on the use of communicative (bus) technologies. This enables cost-conscious construction, a reduction in required resources and flexible integration of additional information that makes further optimisation of property management possible.

The new district in the heart of HafenCity is growing before our very eyes. Virtual spaces are being transformed into the real living, working and experiential worlds of tomorrow. As a digitisation partner, M&P is putting the first future-ready trends in place even while the construction phase is still ongoing.


Übersicht Überseequartier

Image: © Moka-studio