New energy for RENOLIT


M&P’s scale of services

From its headquarters in the Rhineland Palatinate, this company has achieved significant savings potential in key switching points of its energy supply, in cooperation with M&P. The measures identified during the verification of potential and developed in a detailed analysis with energy design, could be engineered and implemented internally without any loss of information.

Sustainability as a programme: Companies who want to ensure their long-term financial flexibility and competitivity with future-proof energy applications need the courage to invest, a well-thought-through plan and the expertise of an experienced partner: Renolit SE launched its energy transition together with M&P.


Global player from Worms

With 4,500 employees and more than 30 business locations and sales companies, the global player from Worms is among the world’s leading manufacturers of PVC and polyolefin films for surface finishing and technical applications. For more than 70 years, this independent family-run company has set new standards in terms of quality and innovation – and now too for energy efficiency.


State-of-the-art energy designs

For example, by integrating a gas turbine - with an electrical output of 1.7 MWel and a downstream waste heal boiler (4.5 t/28 bar) - that replaced a faulty steam boiler. Through the inclusion of an additional three downstream waste heat exchangers (hot water, feed water and high-pressure condensate) it was possible to cool down the waste gas temperature between exiting the gas turbine to entering the chimney from 560 °C to 80 °C.

In the existing boiler house, the engineers installed a new steam distribution unit (28 bar, 24 bar and 7 bar) for the supply of individual consumers. They centralised the distribution of the feed water and the boiler’s high-temperature condensate and upgraded the burners with highly efficient gas and two-stage burners (oil and gas). One boiler was additionally equipped with a three-phase air preheater, mainly fed by the waste heat formed in the steam and condensate processes.

Thanks to the accompanying site supervision during the implementation phase and the concluding commissioning, the client can benefit fully from the added ecological and economic value.