Principles of leadership

Finding a balance between challenging and promoting

We demand a high level of performance and resilience from each other. Individual promotion is not neglected in the process and leads to an expansion of competence and a growth in one’s own resilience levels.

Consideration and support

For us mutual consideration is not just a meaningless phrase, but a very important fundamental principle. This consideration starts with an understanding of specific situations and the setting of priorities in stressful times. It applies to both managers and employees alike. If something has not been done as well as it could have, we analyse the causes together. Our managers back their employees in difficult situations, too.

Motivation and recognition

We recognise performance and celebrate special successes together. We are motivated and raise our ability to perform in a similar way to competitive athletes: through perseverance, stamina and increasing goals.

Error and learning culture

We all make mistakes, but we should not judge ourselves or others for this. It is more important to perform an intensive error analysis and to derive ways of avoiding mistakes in the future.

Information and communication

We inform each other and speak to one another. Considering our limited time, communication is assigned a great significance by us; this applies to all our projects. We see both sides as being responsible for the provision of information.

Economic efficiency and commitment

Our managers care responsible for profitability – both with regard to our customers and with regard to our own results. Each employee, in turn, makes an important contribution to maintaining profitability in our projects and through their way in which they work.

As part of the M&P corporate group, we identify with it and, in difficult times, we wholeheartedly support the company. We are proud to be employed by M&P and are aware that each individual employee and each manager is important to M&P.