It’s green, but is it green enough?

Cologne Oval Offices (COO)

The scope of services of M&P

  • Optimisation measures in building control and plant technology – up to the energetic operating optimum
  • Permanent support of the optimisation phase by means of remote monitoring
  • Long-term safeguarding of low energy consumption as part of an efficiency project funded by the German federal government

The COO are characterised by a variety of technical refinements: over 2,400 individually controllable printed pairs of folding shutters ensure balanced sun protection and needs-based daylight control. The cooling of the building is implemented via the bank filtrate from the Rhine, which is conveyed at a temperature of approx. 14 °C via well pumps. Demand-oriented regulation of the room air conditioning via surface heating and cooling elements ensures the lowest possible energy consumption. This is also reflected in very low primary energy demand compared to conventional office buildings.


To what extent can efficiency reserves still be found in this green building?

The owners, operators and M&P had set themselves the task of making this special building even more valuable.

The starting point of the optimisation measures was a detailed examination of the settings of the building control and plant technology. Through a large number of adjustments, the energy experts at M&P virtually reached the optimum operational energy efficiency during the commissioning phase.

Through fine adjustment of the feed pumps, demand-dependent individual supply to the rental areas, optimal exploitation of temperature difference in the media supply, fine-tuning of time switch catalogues and adaptation of the control strategies, it was possible to reduce the energy consumption of the general plant technology by 25% in the last two years.

One key to success is the permanent support of the optimisation phase by means of remote monitoring. The energy analysts can thus react to changes together with the operator in real time. ‘We are very pleased that this innovative, committed operation, including ensuring energy efficiency, is also being recognised by GEFMA,’ say the experts. Apleona HSG FM GmbH received confirmation of sustainable building operation thanks to the support of M&P.


Is green now green enough?

Not for the energy-efficiency experts at the Competence Center Energy & Sustainability of Apleona HSG Facility Management GmbH and the M&P Group.

In an efficiency project funded by the German federal government, the specialists want to ensure the low energy consumption in the long term and achieve further savings with new future-oriented approaches. This benefits not only the tenants and owners, but also the environment – climate and environmental protection for the benefit of all.



Picture above: © Hans Blossey – Alamy Stock Photo