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Consus Real Estate AG

The scope of services of M&P

  • Development and introduction of a comprehensive, regular, standardised and uniform internal reporting system
  • Development and introduction of a system of indicators to optimise operational and strategic company management
  • Development of an effective structure for mapping the essential financial functions
  • Implementation in the accounting and controlling sectors on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

That, or something like it, can probably now be heard more often at the company headquarters of Consus Real Estate AG (‘Consus’). That’s because M&P supported the company in the development and introduction of a uniform internal reporting system that meets the requirements of a listed company.

Consus Real Estate AG (‘Consus’), headquartered in Berlin, is the leading real estate developer in Germany’s nine biggest cities. The key figures are impressive: 782 employees, a targeted total development volume of approx. €10 billion by 2026, and 64 developments currently in its portfolio. The company is focused on residential real estate development.

To a large extent, Consus focuses on the digitisation of development and construction processes specifically for the residential segment with the help of building information modelling (BIM). The aim is to significantly reduce construction costs and timeframes while maintaining consistently high standards of quality. What particularly makes Consus stand out is that as a real estate developer, the company industrialises the entire construction process using standardised prefabricated parts. This makes it possible to complete construction projects 20% faster than comparable competitors.

At the beginning of 2019, the task was set: driving forward the harmonisation of the subsidiaries’ commercial systems and developing and designing the foundations for fulfilling the eligibility requirements of the Prime Standard. In this context, Carsten Stahl set up the Corporate Train Program for the implementation of the requirements within the Consus Group and accompanied that implementation throughout the company.

The implementation took place in the accounting and controlling sectors on the basis of the Microsoft product Dynamics 365 Business Central. The company-wide consolidation in line with IFRS was supported by the product LucaNet. For their part, the subsidiaries consolidated their assets in the central D365BC system of Consus Real Estate AG. Approximately 300 clients are managed in the system. The implementation in the companies was supported by the M&P Group (test phase / training). As early as the end of November 2019, Consus Deutschland GmbH was able to move to a productive stage in the new system. In addition, Consus Real Estate AG has been working in the new system since 01.01.2020. Consus Swiss Finance AG will be transferred to the new system in May 2020.