Achieve data sovereignty

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

The scope of services of M&P

  • Based on SAP infrastructure, introduction of a new functional location structure adapted to DFS and corresponding to the requirements, as well as standardisation of the stock lists
  • Implementation of external service provider management and the greatest possible automation of commissioning, verification and invoicing
  • Connection of a mobile solution for faster processing of TBM maintenance orders

As early as 2014, DFS began the PaMa (Paperless Maintenance) project to digitise maintenance in technical building management (TBM). The company wanted to digitise processes, increase data quality, achieve data sovereignty and facilitate verification. In addition, services provided by external service providers were to be made more transparent.



Advancing digitisation with SAP

On the basis of the existing SAP infrastructure, which included maintenance (PM), purchasing (MM), controlling (CO) and finance (FI) modules, M&P BEGIS GmbH implemented management of external service providers for TBM and automated the commissioning, verification and invoicing of orders as far as possible. In this context, we introduced a new functional location structure adapted to DFS and corresponding to the requirements, and standardised the stock lists. We achieved significant savings with these measures, e.g. through the conversion of flat-rate remuneration for maintenance and inspections of technical systems or individual remuneration for service providers.

The aforementioned project was a first major step on DFS’s path to digitising its business processes – with the assistance of M&P BEGIS GmbH.


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The future in mind

Up until last year, DFS continued to carry out the roll-out of the redesigned processes in individual regions largely with the support of BEGIS. This also included the connection of a mobile solution to process TBM maintenance orders more quickly. A consistent process integrated into SAP is now in place in that area. Modern work equipment that accelerates the provision and transfer of relevant information and increases data quality has become established. For DFS employees, workplace ergonomics have improved, the need to transfer data between formats or media is avoided, as is duplicated work, and documentation processes are standardised.

Under the name ‘Digital Maintenance’ (DiMa), the experience gained through PaMa is now gradually being transferred to air traffic control processes. The aim is for digitisation of maintenance to make an important contribution to reducing internal bureaucracy – so that employees in system management can focus on their core technical tasks. In this project, too, M&P BEGIS GmbH is providing essential support to DFS in implementing the requirements.