New service power with ‘EasyOffer’ and ‘EasyPortal’

InfraServ Wiesbaden Technik GmbH & Co. KG

The scope of services of M&P

  • Implementation of the customer portal ‘EasyPortal’
  • Provision of master and transaction data from the SAP PM module through direct access to SAP as a single source of truth
  • Implementation of the SAP web application ‘EasyOffer’ for automatic order data generation on the basis of the maintenance planning established in SAP
  • Integration of ‘Smart Maintenance’ functions and connection to mobile processes (CS orders including workflows)

Maintaining a direct line to customers is a speciality of InfraServ Wiesbaden Technik GmbH & Co. KG (ISW-Technik), which is now supported by the automated services ‘EasyOffer’ and ‘Easy Portal’ featuring innovative SAP web technology, launched by M&P BEGIS.

Deeply rooted in the technical service of a large industrial park, ISW-Technik knows exactly what plant operators need and how to operate chemical plants safely and professionally.

As an industrial service provider, the company offers high-quality engineering and services. With highly qualified engineers and technicians, solutions are developed for all areas of the operation of technical systems and buildings.

The company’s close cooperation with its clients is also part of this: in order to improve communication within a project, ISW-Technik planned to introduce a customer portal called ‘EasyPortal’ in 2019. The aim was for customers to be able to access personalised information directly online and gain an overview of their technical systems and technical equipment immediately after logging in. In addition, schedule overviews and maintenance information were to be provided in the portal. Another requirement was providing customers with detailed information about maintenance and testing, including the digital checklists and test documents generated with ‘Smart Maintenance’.



EasyPortal: targeting efficiency

M&P BEGIS was commissioned with the implementation of the customer portal ‘EasyPortal’ and was able to fully meet the wide-ranging requirements within the desired timeframe and budget. For this purpose, the IT specialists used SAP web technology with an external customer connection. Through direct access to SAP as a single source of truth, master and transaction data are now provided from the SAP PM module. The new portal stands out thanks to its clear structure and smart provision of relevant data. Through ongoing expansions, ISW-Technik and M&P BEGIS continue to constantly optimise the portal to this day, making it increasingly customer-friendly and supporting customer retention and loyalty in the process.


EasyOffer: automatic generation of order data

In another project called ‘EasyOffer’, ISW-Technik tackled the automatic generation of order data on the basis of the maintenance planning established in SAP. The demands were high:

  • High degree of automation
  • Reduction of manual effort
  • Reduction of susceptibility to errors
  • Optimisation of internal service provider management
  • Connection to mobile processes (CS orders including workflows)
  • Implementation of a ‘single source of truth’


M&P BEGIS was able to meet all the expectations for the project in close cooperation with ISW-Technik: the interface is intelligent and easy to use as an SAP web application. SAP standard functions and BAPIs are combined – for smooth processing and to bring together user-friendliness and process orientation.

Philipp Strauß, project engineer at ISW-Technik and head of the two projects, is very satisfied: ‘With the automation of order openings and the customer portal, the work becomes more enjoyable for both sides. The management of orders is much simpler and more efficient. The customers’ wishes for the portal were taken into account from the beginning and implemented by way of our strong cooperation with M&P BEGIS. The completion of the entire project ran exactly as we wanted, so we are already planning further projects with M&P BEGIS.’

And Michael Brauer, Head of CIP at InfraServ Wiesbaden Technik, adds: ‘With M&P BEGIS, we are pleased to have gained a future- and customer-oriented partner who can support us in the further implementation of digital processes.’