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ESG as a success factor for sustainable corporate development – supported by M&P.

Green investments are very popular, and investors are learning better and better how to distinguish greenwashing from genuine sustainability strategies. What are known as ESG factors, which are used in particular by stock corporations to measure the sustainability and ethics of an investment, serve as a guideline.

ESG stands for ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL and GOVERNANCE. ESG factors are used to make companies comparable in terms of sustainability and ethics. This means that ESG commitment has a strong influence on the valuation of your company by investors and financial institutions and thus has a direct impact on the company’s value.

The implementation of ESG criteria is particularly complex in the ENVIRONMENTAL field and requires a network of progressive ideas. A task for the innovation driver of the construction and real estate industry: M&P.

Climate disasters, resource shortages, an economy of scarcity due to war and displacement: companies recognise the effects of these factors on business processes, sales and corporate robustness on a daily basis.

What is your reputation among the competition? How responsible are you as an employer? How sustainable are the production and quality of your products? In the financial sector, a close eye is kept on who exactly has stood still on the path to CO2 neutrality and is being left behind. In contrast, companies with a progressive sustainability strategy are enjoying rising share prices. ESG criteria are becoming increasingly important in this evaluation.

In order to optimally fulfil the ESG criteria, companies must commit themselves to environmental and climate protection, the use of renewable energies, fair working conditions, equal opportunities and diversity, the prohibition of child and forced labour and the prevention of corruption, among other things.

How sustainable is your company’s success?

The market for sustainable investments is growing rapidly. More and more financial resources are flowing into products with environmental, social and governance criteria. Among private investors, investments in such products have almost doubled compared to the previous year. Investors rely on ESG to better control risk and maximise a portfolio’s long-term return. Better rating by market analysts means higher demand for shares, which in turn means higher market value.

ESG is therefore a top priority for the management of many companies. If you implement sustainability holistically, you make the most of the opportunity for growth, profitability and a top position in the ranking by investors.

M&P drives your transformation towards sustainability – from top to bottom!

Innovation drivers for sustainable progress

M&P is a market leader when it comes to developing a holistic ESG approach for companies – because we combine unique solution expertise with a broad portfolio of services and a passion for innovation.

The strengths of the M&P Group lie in its systemic approach, which ensures success from the first potential analysis through to the final investment. This is applied both to individual measures and to complex strategies for the decarbonisation of entire properties, industrial locations or asset portfolios.

We consistently align investments for energy and technical building infrastructure with ESG requirements. In an individual, progressive and energy- and cost-efficient way.

Examples of improved ESG ranking through M&P Group services include:

  • Creation of decarbonisation concepts, e.g. for municipalities, industry, commerce or districts and much more (CO2-neutrality roadmap)
  • Preparation of strategic site development plans
  • Development of technical masterplans and investment strategies for the implementation of ESG concepts
  • Detailed execution plans for the implementation of ESG measures
  • Introduction and maintenance of an energy management system
  • Energy concept studies to increase energy efficiency
  • And much more

Detailed information on our service portfolio can be found at:

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