Microsoft Power Platform – the solution is closer than ever


Question: What is the abbreviation for customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and computer-aided facility management? The answer is Microsoft Power Platform – and it applies to all types of IT-supported business processes.

‘Application first’ – no detours on the path to the application


One thing is clear: the cloud is the ideal place for integrated software solutions. SaaS applications reduce maintenance and hardware costs, are always up to date and can be used flexibly and on the go as required. However, there is still a long way to go until cross-process data integration and application are reached, because appropriate interfaces have to be created – until now, that is.

Thanks to Microsoft Power Platform, you can now save yourself that journey, because the complete full-system IT solution comes with numerous interfaces (‘connectors’) from the outset in order to fully exploit the potential of integrated data and networked processes in all areas of your company. For this purpose, the Power Platform uses Microsoft Dataverse, a consistent and scalable database.

Holistic IT solutions – minimal programming effort

This is achieved using a shared data model with which a wide variety of Microsoft, in-house and cloud applications can be used and connected. But the low-code platform can do much more than that: with just a few clicks and minimal programming effort, tailor-made and automated functions can be created. This is where the four key components of the Power Platform come in. Power Apps makes it possible to create innovative solutions for a wide variety of applications in no time at all. With Power Automate, workflows can be automated in a time-saving manner. Power BI provides valuable business insights as a tool for data analysis and visualisation. The no-code tool Power Virtual Agents expands customer service with high-performance chatbots, but can also be used in-house.

The applications – good on their own, even better combined

The scope of applications can be expanded or reduced as required. This makes it easier to move to the cloud and get started with the digital transformation, even for small and medium-sized enterprises. The required solution is simply added on to the order – as desired and precisely adapted to your business with the help of industry-specific schemes. In the process, each application completely covers its area of use – and yet is always ready and waiting to achieve even greater added value in combination with other applications. At the same time, you have full control over your data and can manage its use and access individually and in accordance with the law.

Digital transformation – a new concept to make new things conceivable

The time has come – the integrated business cloud solution for everyone is here. And where are we, the experts at M&P? Simply put, we are where we have always been: very close to you, our customers. And thanks to Microsoft Power Platform, we are getting even closer to what your company needs. Because the solutions are becoming simpler, we can deal with your challenges even more intensively. That makes our consultancy even more holistic and our ideas even more innovative.

Welcome to the digital transformation – our solutions await you!

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