Added value with integrated consultation and implementation

BIM & Digitisation

Companies and services providers in the real estate business are increasingly recognising the potential that is to be found in the digitisation and implementation of BIM.

But what is really the added value of BIM & digitisation for your business? Is the added value for the real estate developer who wishes to resell his properties before or during the construction phase the same as that for a corporate business which uses its properties for production and keeps them for a long time? Probably not!

This is precisely where M&P’s approach comes in. Customised and solution-oriented, real added value is established. 

By viewing the objectives to be achieved with hindsight, so-called reverse engineering, we find the best solution for all phases of the real estate cycle and are able to reconcile the clients’ requirements with the right processes, data and tools. 

In the BIM & Digitisation Centre of Competence, we bundle our competences in order to be able to advise our clients in a targeted and comprehensive manner.  

Find out more about BIM & digitisation and participate in a dialogue on 21 March 2019 in Cologne.

BIM dialoque 2019